Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies
and the Gulf Coast Section of SEPM
64th Annual Convention • October 5 - 7, 2014

Hosted by the Lafayette Geological Society

Cajundome Convention Center
444 Cajundome Blvd.
Lafayette, Louisiana

Cajun Dome Convention Center

Well into its second century, the Gulf of Mexico remains
one of the preeminent oil and gas basins in the world! 
Our goal for this year is to continue preparing the YP
for the coming “Crew Change”.  Join us in Lafayette as
we combine the best of what our industry has to offer
– sharing lessons learned, and passing a good time. 
We are still in the planning phases, but here is a taste
of what we have so far.

Education Forum

Overview lectures from some of the industry’s leading experts on multiple topics relevant to the oil and gas industry, especially as they pertain to the Gulf of Mexico

  • Carl Fiduk – A Brief Tectonic and Depositional History of the Northern Gulf of Mexico
  • Ernie Mancini – A Comparison of Carbonates to Siliciclastics in the Gulf Coast
  • Roger Slatt – Turbidite petroleum geology in the Deepwater/Subsalt Gulf of Mexico
  • Carl Fiduk – Salt Structures and Deformation in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
  • Fred Hilterman – Seismic Attribute Analysis of the Gulf of Mexico

Field TripsField Trips

  • Wax Lake Delta
  • Geomorphology and Hydrogeology of the Lafayette Area Using 2-D and 3-D Data
  • The Use of Louisiana Salt Domes and Associated Geological Difficulties; Exploration, Production, and Storage


Short Courses

  • Seismic Amplitude Interpretation (Fred Hilterman - 1 Day)
  • Modern Turbidite Systems as Analogues for Deep-Water Petroleum Plays (Hans Nelson – 1 day)
  • Geologic Interpretation of Deep Water Environments (Erik Scott - 1 Day)
  • Risk Evaluation and Corrective Action Program Update (Bill Schramm - 1 Day)
  • IBA Short Course: Fundamentals of Basin Evaluation and Quantitative Prospect Assessment (Shell - 1 Day)
  • Introduction to Reservoir Fluid PVT Analysis for Geologists (Toddy Guidry - 1/2 Day)

Proposed Technical Sessions

Session Chairs

Technical Program

Conventional Plays


Deepwater Plays *






Energizing Shelf Plays




Politics, Ethics, and Security


Renewable Energy


Resource Plays


Salt Tectonics




Water Resources

Special Theme:  A Half-Century of the Turbidite – A Symposium in Honor of Arnold Bouma

Transactions Submissions:  Oral and poster presenters must submit a paper of 10–12 pages or an extended abstract with key figures for review by 17 March 2014.  Detailed instructions to authors for manuscript submission will be provided upon acceptance of abstracts

Journal Submissions:  With acceptance, a full manuscript must be submitted for fast-track peer review by 24 March 2014.  Detailed instructions to authors for manuscript submission will be provided upon acceptance of abstracts. All Journal authors are required to present their results at the 2014 GCAGS Convention.

The Journal Provides:

• Experienced Editors
• Formal Peer Review
• Quality Hardbound
• Color Graphics
• Fast-Track Publication
• Free Online Access (Now Available!)

Contact Tucker F. Hentz, Editor
( for additional details!



Beginning with the 2012 Annual Convention in Austin, Texas, the GCAGS will publish a yearly collection of formally peer-reviewed articles in a new GCAGS Journal Series: Gulf Coast Geology.

The Journal series will focus on all geoscientific aspects of the greater Gulf of Mexico region. A hardbound journal will be produced each year in concert with the traditional GCAGS Transactions volume, and both will be distributed at the yearly convention. An editorial board, which will serve for a 3-year term, will oversee the review process.

Each Journal volume will consist of 10 to 20 articles selected by an editorial board from among the extended abstracts submitted specifically for the Journal each year. The volume will also contain invited papers. Like Transactions contributors, authors of journal articles will make either an oral or poster presentation at the annual convention.


Special Events


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